Renew! Rehydrate! and Purify!

It is very exiting to talk about this unique peel of Aspect™ “Lactobotanical “since it is the perfect season to receive the magical affect of it.

Beach goer or not, we had a fare share of the drying, ageing and clogging affects of the hot summer months.

It is time to renew, rehydrate and purify.

This beautiful formulation of chirally corrected L-lactic and the patented Canadian Willowherb™  is an excellent skin renewal, helps reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. it is more effective in the management of problem skin due to its purifying action without irritation.

Well, once we reveal that the L-Lactic in  Aspect™ Lactobotanical peel is a skin hydrator by virtue of its strong epidermal ceramide ( epidermal barrier lipids) building action… So it is a very potent skin hydrator!!

…so you will say ” what am I waiting for!!!!????

Give us a call, and book your first treatment of Lactobotanical peel and don’t forget to ask for the special

Enjoy you purified, rehydrated and flawless skin now!